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    2. support faq's


      Q: If we purchase one of your machines, who will set it up for us?

      A: In 90% of the cases, our customers are able to set up their own machines without our direct assistance, using the tools supplied with the machines and by following the detailed, well-illustrated instructions in the machines' installation/operation manuals. In some cases, our machinery dealer's technician(s) help with the set-up. In other cases, especially with specialized or larger machines, Kevin Quick is available to help with the set-up. In all cases, Kevin will visit your facilities the next time he's in your area to make sure everything is set up properly, and to fine-tune your machine and gluing procedures if needed. Please feel free to talk with us to discuss your particular set-up needs.

      Q: Do you stock parts for your machines?

      A: Yes. We stock the most commonly-needed parts at our Kelseyville, CA office and at our Los Angeles, CA warehouse. These parts are available for immediate delivery. The other, less commonly-needed parts are available from our manufacturer in Taiwan via courier (DHL, etc.), for 2-day delivery.

      Q: How can we reach you if we need help with our equipment?

      A: You can contact us by clicking here.

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